COVID-19 Info and FAQs

As of July 16, the Crusaders Rugby Club is now in Phase 4 of Rugby Ontario’s RTP plan which allows us to conduct full contact training, matches and resume close-to-normal operations.
The Crusaders Rugby Club’s Return to Play (RTP) plan has been approved by Rugby Ontario and as such, the club will operate within Rugby Ontario’s Return to Play and Rugby Canada’s Return to Play plans, in addition to the province and the Halton Region’s guidelines. The club will be offering rugby activities and programming that is compliant with those guidelines.

As defined in our approved RTP plan, the club has instituted a number of COVID-19 related protocols to ensure the safety of our players and our community, including some continuing minor modifications to training plans, group sizes, schedules, traffic flow through the club and grounds, clubhouse and equipment cleaning and sanitization, emergency action plans and more.

Key Info

  • Players or parents must complete a PLAYER ATTESTATION FORM before every training session through Sportlomo. A how-to guide can be found here.
  • Coaches and parent volunteers will verify that all players participating on their respective training days have filled out the player attestation form. If this has not been completed, the player will not be permitted to train.
  • All activities will be at Crusaders Park on 9th Line in Oakville to start and we will offer .
  • Bring your own water.
  • Programming and Return to Play protocols may change depending on changes by the provincial government and local health authorities. We will adjust accordingly.


What Phase of Rugby Ontario’s Staged Return to Play will we be in?

See the infographic on this page for details.

Do I have to attend every session?

No, come to the sessions you wish. Just indicate attendance in advance via Sportlomo and ensure you have completed your daily COVID-19 attestation via Sportlomo.

Has the training schedule changed?

Yes. Some age groups have moved from their established days/times/pitches to facilitate the extra space we need. Please see the schedule below. Note that session durations will change as we progress through RTP stages. The detailed club schedule is here on our website: Crusaders Fixtures and Events

Do I need to ‘sign in’ online before attending a session?

Yes, you will need to complete a COVID-19 attestation through Sportlomo before attending each training session.

I accidentally “failed” the COVID attestation form on Sportlomo. What do I do?

If a player answers the attestation forms incorrectly there is an option to ‘RETAKE” the attestation.

Who cleans the equipment?

The coaching staff and parent volunteers will clean all equipment.

What do I wear?

Ideally rugby/soccer cleats, black rugby shorts and black socks. All of these can be purchased at Soccer World in Oakville.

Are there tryouts for Rugby?

No, you just sign up and come along. The requirements are ‘interest in learning’ and ‘having a great time’.

How will the club stay in touch with me?

Updates will be sent via email, Facebook and Instagram.

Will there be any competition?

Yes, we expect to play exhibition matches against other clubs and enter provincial leagues in the autumn.

Returning to Cru Park Video

Starring Kevin Brenders, Director of Junior Rugby

A quick video explainer on what to expect upon arrival at the park, where to drop-off/pick-up, your COVID-19 attestations and more… Kevin demystifies it all for you in a spellbinding solo performance.