The following membership classes are anticipated for 2020. Final details will be available in February 2020.

2020/2021 Membership Classes and Fees

Age GradeBirth YearProgram2020 Fees
(inc HST)

Minis Program

U62014/15Mini (Co-ed Touch/Flag)$175
U82012/13Mini (Co-ed Touch/Flag)$260
U102010/11Mini (Co-ed Touch/Flag)$280
U122008/09Mini (Intro to Contact)$320
Minis Camps/Offseason Only2008-2015Rugby Summer Camps
Offseason Programs

Junior Program

U1912001Junior or Senior1$460
Junior Offseason Only2002-2007Offseason Programs$82.65
Junior Camps Only (15 day)22002-2007Rugby Summer Camps$75

Senior Program

Senior (19+)2001 and earlierSenior$495
Temporary Membership (15 day)22001 and earlierSenior$75
Touch Rugby Only32001 and earlierSenior Touch Rugby (Touch/Flag)TBD3

Coaching & Medical

Coach2001 and earlierCoaching$68
Team Manager2001 and earlierVolunteering$46
Volunteer Medical2001 and earlierVolunteering$46

Volunteers & Social

Volunteer2001 and earlierVolunteers$0
Social Membership32001 and earlierSocialTBD3
Alumni Membership32001 and earlierSocialTBD3