2020 Member Registration

Welcome to Registration for the 2020 Crusaders Rugby Club Season

Please click the relevant registration button at the bottom of this page to register.

Players, Coaches, Managers, Medical, Officials

  •  You will be taken to the Rugby Canada on-line registration site for the Crusaders Rugby Club.
  • You will be able to register one or more members by selecting the appropriate memberships.
  • Validity: 2020 Memberships are valid from the date of registration through April 30, 2021. Members qualify to participate in any club programs during that period, including Spring/Summer 15s, Fall 7s, camps, offseason programming etc. (unless otherwise specified).
  • Please review Rugby Canada’s, Rugby Ontario’s and the club’s refund policies.

Social Members, Alumni Members

  • You will be taken to our registration and payment page and may pay by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Google Pay, Apple Pay).
  • Social and Alumni Memberships are valid from the date of purchase for a year and auto-renew annually.
  • Requests for refunds may be submitted to secretary@crusadersrugby.ca within 15 days of purchase.

2020/2021 Membership Classes and Fees

Age GradeBirth YearProgram2020 Fees
(inc HST)

Minis Program

U62014/15Mini (Co-ed Touch/Flag)$175
U82012/13Mini (Co-ed Touch/Flag)$260
U102010/11Mini (Co-ed Touch/Flag)$280
U122008/09Mini (Intro to Contact)$320
Minis Camps/Offseason Only2008-2015Rugby Summer Camps
Offseason Programs

Junior Program

U1912001Junior or Senior1$460
Junior Offseason Only2002-2007Offseason Programs$82.65
Junior Camps Only (15 day)22002-2007Rugby Summer Camps$75

Senior Program

Senior (19+)2001 and earlierSenior$495
Temporary Membership (15 day)22001 and earlierSenior$75
Touch Rugby Only32001 and earlierSenior Touch Rugby (Touch/Flag)$1503

Coaching & Medical

Coach2001 and earlierCoaching$68
Team Manager2001 and earlierVolunteering$46
Volunteer Medical/Trainer2001 and earlierVolunteering$46


Match Official2005 and earlier$244

Volunteers & Social

Volunteer2001 and earlierVolunteers$0
Social Membership4Social$1104
Alumni Membership5Member: $1255
Gold Member: $2505


The quoted fees above include HST.

1 U19 players will have the option to play Senior or U18.
2 Only one 15-day membership may be purchased per year.
3 Touch Rugby Memberships are unavailable for registration until April 1, 2020.
4 Social Memberships are non-voting and non-playing.
5 Alumni Membership and Alumni Gold Memberships are voting memberships and non-playing. Eligibility for an Alumni membership is limited to only previously registered playing members, coaches, match officials, and board members of any age.

Play-related fees are comprised of Rugby Canada fees, Rugby Ontario fees and Crusaders Rugby Club fees. The Rugby Ontario and Rugby Canada fees cover registration fees, insurance, and rugby programs across Ontario and Canada.

The non-playing Social and Alumni Membership fees are fully paid (less taxes) to the club to help cover operating, programming, event and other expenses.




Alumni and Social Memberships


Crusaders Rugby Club exists to develop and promote a life long rugby experience within our community across a broad range of age, gender and experience levels from novice to the national representative level

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is available from Canadian Tire Jumpstart Program and/or Kidsport
Please contact secretary@crusadersrugby.ca with any financial assistance questions.