Calling all Crusaders Men and Women Alumni! We are currently looking to build an Alumni database to ensure past Crusaders remain included and involved in the club. Our goals are just coming into focus, but as a start, we wish to:
– build on our past, ensuring a bright future and the  long-term sustainability of the club.
– keep past players, coaches and supporters involved in the club.
– help past members keep in touch, to support the current teams, regale in the greatness of yesteryear and inspire active members to move the legacy forward.
– to raise much needed funds for the club’s capital projects, through social/alumni memberships and other fundraising activities.
If you have not recently received an Email about the Crusaders Alumni, please sign up using the online form to be added to the mailing list. Also, please reach out to other past teammates and encourage them to make contact as well. Thank-you!

Dave Mastel

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