$193,000 Successfully Raised for Field Water Project

The Crusaders Rugby Club is pleased to announce that it has raised our target of $193,000 for our field water project which will enable the club to irrigate all our fields. The club has now started the project and aims to be complete in time for the summer of 2024.

Many thanks to our generous donors: Alan Kouba, Stuart Riley, Brian Timmons, Chris and Fiona Tudor Price, Jeffrey Feeney, Brad Simone, Nigel D’Acre, Matt Carter, David Hayes, Joseph Flaherty, Rob Gare, Abed Ibrahim, Stephen Foote, Richard Schooling, Bill Lewis, David Dufour, Jan De Marez Oyens, Tom Kewell, Gavin Alpe, Gerry Kelly, Ashley Misquitta, Peter Saddington, Stephen Gittens, Jason Ince, Michael Stefnitz, Richard Topping, Martin Shaw, Aaron Mimnagh, Stephen Saunders, Johnathan Corker, Petra Haneberry, Brendan Samson, Helen Hayes, Ali Macdougall, Barbara Lockhart, Jonathan and Candace Carroll, Geoffrey Collett, Chris Hatch, Keith McIntyre, Matt Duffin, David Mastell, Jason Boggs, Rikki and Geraldine Wright, Robert Montanino, John and Vanessa Lucic, Sanad Ibrahim, Josh Ince, Julie Bennitt, Erin and Kevin Brenders, Kathleen and Neil Jones, Lindsey Williams, Kylie Evans, Bill Scollon, Ian Tolley, Owen Mason, Alistair Clark, David Howse, Mike Newell, Mark Fleet, Geoff Seymour, Julia Moynihan, Bruce Harding, and Brian Gore. Your kind support and generosity is sincerely appreciated.

Many special thanks to our MPP, Stephen Crawford for his support of this project and to the Ontario Trillium Foundation for their $150,000 grant to support us. Also thanks to Chris Mark of the Town of Oakville, Tim Skrins of Halton Region, Jane Clohecy of the Town of Oakville for their support and assistance. Thanks are also due to the board for their support of this endeavour and, in particular, David Walker for lending his engineering mind to planning and managing elements of it.


Chris Tudor Price